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Above: Basic bar necessities include a cocktail shaker, shot glasses, a muddler and a bar spoon.


Basic Tools and Equipment
three part cocktail shaker (Cobbler style shaker)
spring-style cocktail strainer (Hawthorne strainer)
shot glasses

long-handled bar spoon

sieve style strainer

fine-mesh grater

bottle opener

Additional Equipment and Supplies
swizzle sticks
cocktail picks (for garnishes)
glass rimmer (for salt and or sugar rimmed cocktails)
cocktail napkins
bar mat
condiment/garnish containers
pouring spouts (for bottles)

Various styles of three part cocktail shakers, commonly known as the "Cobbler" cocktail shaker.

The three parts of a Cobbler shaker include the mixing vessel, (which may be metal or glass), the strainer and the cap.
The cap can be used as a measuring device.

The spring-strainer, commonly known as the "Hawthorne" strainer.  This strainer is often used instead of the strainer that
is part of a Cobbler shaker because it is much less likely to drip while cocktails are being poured.  This type of strainer
is also required when using a "French" two-part style cocktail shaker which does not have a built-in strainer option.

Above: Shot glasses.

A stainless steel jigger is an option to shot glasses when measuring cocktail ingredients.  Most jiggers have a one and
a two ounce "cup" for convenience when measuring.

A long handled "bar spoon" is used for mixing ingredients that are best when not shaken.

A muddler, used for smashing ingredients such as mint for a Mojito or peppers for a Jalapeno Margarita.

Above: A sieve type strainer is often used when "double straining" cocktail pours.

accompany many cocktails.

A food rasp, such as this Microplane® brand option, is perfect for grating ingredients like nutmeg for a
Brandy Alexander.

A cork screw for opening wine bottles.

Above: A bottle opener is a must when serving bottled beer.

Above: A variety of serving glasses.  For more information about different types of glasses,

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