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     KQ Easy No-Cook Snack Buffet


Above: This snack buffet is easy to put together and can be achieved without cooking a thing.


crudités (carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes)
ranch dressing/dip
nuts (cashews and flavored almonds)
candy (jelly beans)
tortilla chips
sweet potato chips

Utensils and Supplies
6 inch serving plates
cocktail forks
serving bowls
candy dish

place mats (optional)

Above: Crudités simply means cut, raw vegetables.  This adds a much needed fresh element to the presentation.
Shown above are carrot sticks, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes.  We peeled and sliced the carrots ourselves, as well
as cutting the celery.  You can save time by purchasing pre-cut produce at the grocery store.

Above: A combination of nuts adds a salty element to the table.  Here we've combined cashews, (center), with
"smokehouse" and "honey roasted chipotle" almonds.

Above: Creamy ranch dressing makes an excellent dipping sauce for the crudités.  Get the KQ Ranch Dressing recipe here:

Above: Add a sweet element to your presentation.  Jelly beans are an good choice because they will remain fresh
and won't melt while sitting on the table.  We placed the jelly beans in an oversize martini glass to add some height
to the presentation.

Above: We included two types of chips, including corn tortilla and sweet potato varieties.  Admittedly, this is the only
element of the presentation we did actually cook, as we used the deep fryer to make these chips ahead of time.
Using store bought chips works just fine.  Consider adding a fresh salsa to the buffet as well.  Learn how to make the
KQ Sweet Potato Chips here:

Above: We added small cocktail forks to use to dip the cherry tomatoes, (but the guests wound up using their fingers).
Also include small plates and paper or cloth napkins.  If you use a tablecloth, take a few minutes to iron out the wrinkles
before placing it over the table.  You could also add slices of baguette in a napkin lined basket and sliced cheese and/or
lunch meat arranged neatly on a platter.  Now all you need is beverages.

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