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     KQ Bling Napkin Rings DIY Project


Above: Facetted beads and craft wire have been fashioned in to striking napkin rings that are easy to make and look
much more expensive that the cost of the materials.

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20 gauge gold toned craft wire
10-12 1/2 to 1 inch plastic facetted beads

measuring tape
wire cutters
round or needle-nose pliers

We used gold craft wire and two shades of pink beads for this project.

Begin by wiring your beads.  Create a loop on each end, and combine some beads together so you have two beads
on one wire.  We made a total of seven wired up beads, four singles and three doubles.

Measure three lengths of wire, 14 inches long each.

Bend wires in half as shown.

To properly braid the wire you'll need something for the wires to hang from.  We use a hook in the wall of our work
space.  Loop the three wires over the hook as shown.

Begin braiding by folding the pairs of wires over each other.  Continue braiding down the length of the wires until
you have about 5/8 inch remaining and leave ends unbraided.

Above: When finished braiding, this is how your wire should look.

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Carefully bend the braided wire into a circle.

Thread the unfinished ends through the loop that was created at the top of the braid.

Using needle-nose or round pliers, bend two of the six wires to form small loops and to secure the ends to the napkin ring.

Then use the pliers to form small loops on the ends of the remaining four wires.

Add the wired beads to the napkin ring by opening the loops at one end of the bead assembly, attaching it through a loop
on the napkin ring and gently bending your wire loops closed again.  Place one bead assembly in each of five loops, and
place the remaining two in one loop together.

Once all the bead assemblies are attached your napkin ring is complete.  Continue making more napkin rings until you
have a set to accommodate your desired number of place settings.

Napkin rings can be matched with the cloth napkins of your choice, or as shown here, used with bright colors that
contrast the colors of the beads.

Above: The same pattern was used with shades or turquoise and aqua beads for this version of the KQ Bling Napkins Rings.

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