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     KQ Brunch Buffet Menu


Ham & Cheese Quiche

Maple Bacon Pig Candy

Roasted Gold Potatoes

Rustic Beignets

Sloe Gin Fizz

Brunch is a classic LGBTQ soiree tradition.  In addition to the five ideas shared in
this KQ menu, you may also consider adding coffee and/or tea, fruit juice and
sparkling water to your beverage menu.  We'd also suggest adding a fresh fruit
element to your food menu, such as melon wedges, fruit salad or berries and cream.

Another festive beverage choice would be a Mimosa, which is usually made of equal
parts sparkling white wine, (champagne), and orange juice.  A non-alcoholic Mimosa
recipe substitutes sparkling apple cider in place of the sparkling wine/champagne.

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