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     KQ Casual Dinner Menu


BBQ Pulled Pork Slider

Sweet Potato Chips

Iceberg Salad

Mint Chocolate Cookies

Pineapple Mint Cooler

Most of the elements in this dinner menu can be made in advance of when you
plan to serve a meal, including a day or two ahead.  The roasted pork used in the
BBQ Pulled Pork Slider, (sandwich), takes two days to marinate and all day to
roast, so you'll definitely want to make this in advance.  The barbeque sauce
used in the sandwich can also be made ahead and stored in the refrigerator in
a sealed container.  The deep fried
Sweet Potato Chips can be made the day
before and stored in a plastic zip bag at room temperature.  The cookies are an
easy bake-ahead dessert solution as well.  You'll want to make the salad shortly
before you intend to serve it.  Of course if you include a liquid libation, such as
Pineapple Mint Cooler, mix the cocktails and serve immediately.

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