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     KQ Fancy Napkin Fold - Deluxe Flatware Pocket


Above: A red napkin has been folded to create a fancy flatware pocket.


cloth table napkin

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
table knife, fork, tea spoon

Begin by laying out a cloth napkin and smoothing flat.

Fold napkin in half.

Fold in half again, so you have a square 1/4 the size of the cloth napkin.

Orient the napkin so the four loose corners are at the upper right on your work surface.  Then begin rolling the first layer
of fabric.

to roll the first layer until you reach the diagonal center of the folded napkin.

When folded correctly, this is what your napkin should look like so far.

Repeat the rolling technique on the next layer of the napkin.

Roll down the second layer until it touches the first.  You may need to hand press the rolls so they remain in place.

This is how your napkin should look after the second roll is complete.

Repeat the roll with the third layer of fabric.

With all three rolls in place, this is how your napkin should appear at this point in the project.

Carefully turn the napkin over, using caution not to let the rolls unfold.

Above: From the right side, fold over 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire napkin.

Repeat with the left side of the napkin.

Carefully turn the napkin over again and your fancy napkin fold is complete.

Above: For this vignette we used a small luncheon size napkin and inserted a fork.

The place setting above was created for a Valentine's Day meal.  We used a larger dinner size napkin so that the fork, knife
and spoon could all be placed inside the flatware pocket.

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