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     KQ Fancy Napkin Fold - Diamond Flatware Pocket


Above: A napkin with a decorative edge has been folded to create the diamond flatware pocket.


cloth table napkin

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
table knife, fork, tea spoon

Begin by laying out a cloth napkin and smoothing flat.

Fold napkin in half.

Fold in half again, so you have a square 1/4 the size of the cloth napkin.

Orient the napkin so the four loose corners are pointing away from you on your work surface.

down the first layer and press flat.

Repeat with the next layer.

Finally, repeat with the third layer.  Each layer should be graduated slightly as shown.

Flip the napkin over, (top to bottom).

Take the left side corner and fold it over as shown.

Repeat the fold on the right side.  The more even your folds, the more symmetrical the end result will be.

Flip the napkin back over, press flat with your hand and your diamond flatware pocket is ready.

Flatware of your choice can be placed inside the pocket.

Above: For this place setting we placed the flatware pocket in the center on the dinner plate.

Above: Bold patterned napkins also work well for this project.  Learn to create tie dye napkins,

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