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     KQ Purple and Turquoise Holiday Winter Wreath Tutorial


Above: An artificial white foliage wreath is festooned with warm white mini LED lights on white wires and adorned with
a combination of various sized silver, purple, turquoise and teal shiny, matte and glittery ornaments.


Wreath Materials
24 inch round white wreath
1 string 60 LED mini warm white bulbs on white wire
5 4 1/2 inch purple metallic teardrop ornaments
3 4 1/2 inch teal metallic teardrop ornaments

5 3 1/2 inch silver glitter ornaments
5 2 inch silver ribbed metallic ornaments
3 3 inch purple shiny metallic ornaments

12 2 inch purple metallic and glitter ornaments
12 2 inch turquoise/teal metallic and glitter ornaments
6 3 inch specialty metallic ornaments
9 3 inch varied colors shiny, matte and glitter ornaments

Tools and Supplies
wire cutters
silver toned craft wire

Above: This project requires 1 string of 60 white mini LED lights on white wire.  The total cord length of the light string
is approximately 20 feet.

Above: A 24 inch artificial white foliage wreath is used for this project.  Be sure to straighten out the branches and
"fluff up" the wreath after removing it from its packaging.

The string of white LED lights is distributed out around the wreath to be sure the lights are spaced evenly.

Above: The LED lights are secured by tucking the cords into the branches and gently twisting the branches around the
cord to keep the light string in place.

Above: Odd numbers of silver ornaments are added to the wreath to create an asymmetrical balance.

Above: Silver toned craft wire is cut into 2 to 3 inch lengths to wire the ornaments onto the wreath.

Above: Various sized plastic ornaments were purchased online to use for this project.

Above: An example of how some of the ornaments are wired before being attached to the wreath.

Above: Purple and turquoise teardrop shaped ornaments have been added to the wreath.

Above: Several purple ornaments have been added to the wreath foliage.

Above: Additional silver, purple and turquoise ornaments of various sizes have been added randomly around the wreath.

Above: More ornaments were added to the wreath before it was hung above the fireplace mantel for display.

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