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     KQ Dinner Party Place Setting Ideas - Turquoise, White and Black


Above: Turquoise, white and black are the color scheme for this dinner party place setting.

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black fabric place mat
turquoise laser-cut foam place mat
white table cloth
black cloth napkin
turquoise cloth napkin (optional)
bling napkin ring

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
10 inch white square dinner plate
8 inch white square salad plate
7 inch white square bowl (optional)
salad fork
dinner fork
table knife
tea spoon

First we covered the table with a white cloth.  Then we added the black fabric plate mat.

We layered a turquoise blue laser-cut foam place mat on top of the black place mat.  The cutouts in the top place mat
allow the bottom place mat to show through.

Next we added a 10 inch square white porcelain dinner plate.

On top of the dinner plate we stacked an 8 inch salad plate.

We placed a KQ bling napkin ring on a loosely folded black napkin and layered it centered on the salad plate.

we added the flatware.  The smaller salad fork goes on the outside left, next to the dinner fork on the left closest
to the plate.  The table knife is placed so that the blade is towards the plate.  On the right of the table knife is the teaspoon.

You'll want to add some appropriate drink ware, such as water glasses and/or wine goblets.

Here we switched the napkin to turquoise, so you can see that a small change can make a big difference in the finished look.

Above: This vignette shows the place setting with a salad bowl rather than a plate.  The napkin has been placed horizontally
at the top of the place setting.  If you were going to use the bowl to serve soup, you would want to include a larger soup
spoon which would be placed between the knife and the tea spoon at the right side of the place setting.

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