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     KQ Place Setting Ideas - Turquoise, Lime and Purple


Above: Turquoise, lime and purple are the color scheme for this breakfast or lunch place setting.  This page also features
alternative plates and bowls used with the same place mat to create different looks.

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turquoise, lime and purple plaid fabric place mat
turquoise, lime and purple plaid cloth napkin
white table cloth

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
8 inch turquoise square luncheon plate

6 inch turquoise square bowl
turquoise square coffee mug
salad fork
dinner fork
table knife
soup spoon
tea spoon

10 inch turquoise square dinner plate
10 inch turquoise soup bowl
8 inch dark purple square plate
10 inch white square dinner plate
8 inch white square salad plate
8 inch white square bowl
stemmed water glass

First we covered the table with a white cloth.  Then we added the fabric plate mat.

We placed a turquoise blue 8 inch square stoneware plate at the center of the setting.

Next we added a 6 inch square turquoise stoneware cereal bowl.

Next comes the matching coffee mug.

To complete the place setting
we added the flatware.  You'll also want to add a napkin, which if folded, can be placed
on the left side of the place setting under the forks.  If you choose to use napkin rings with your napkins, place the napkin
across the top of the place setting.

In this vignette we changed the turquoise plate to dark purple.  This plays well with the purple in the place mat and
contrasts nicely with the other colors.

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Here we have added the turquoise cereal bowl to the top of the purple plate.  Simply changing one element of the place
setting can make a big difference in the final look.

In this vignette we swapped out the purple plate for a white plate.

The same setting outfitted with a 10 inch turquoise dinner size plate and a large soup bowl.  Note that the coffee mug
has been changed to a stemmed water glass.

A cloth napkin has been added, placed beneath the forks on the left side of the place setting.

Above: This vignette shows the place setting with white plates.

In this vignette we changed the salad plate to a bowl.

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