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     KQ Place Setting and Table Top Ideas - Purple and White Color Scheme


Above: For this table setting purple metallic square chargers combine with square white porcelain plates, gold metallic
place mats and other color coordinating accessories to create a striking look.


purple satin tablecloth (size to cover entire table)
20 inch purple square dinner napkins
KQ Bling napkin rings
12 inch purple metallic square lacquer chargers

gold metallic cutout place mats

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
10 inch white square porcelain plates

water glasses
salad forks
dinner forks
table knives
soup spoons

To begin the dining table is covered with a purple satin-look polyester table cloth.

Then gold metallic cutout place mats are added.

The table is being set for four guests.

Next a purple lacquer charger is added to the place setting.

Above: Chargers at each place setting.

Above: The charger is topped with a white square porcelain plate.  Flatware is added to the place setting.
A purple napkin with a custom KQ Bling napkin ring is set at the top of each place setting and a water glass is added
to complete the place setting.

Above: KQ Bling napkin rings add sparkle to this table setting.  Review the KQ Bling napkin ring tutorial,

Above: With the addition of several white porcelain serving pieces the table is ready for guests.  See this table setting
with clear glass plates,

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