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     KQ Place Setting Ideas - Orange & Black Color Scheme


Above: For this place setting we're combining orange plates and napkins with black place mats and accessories.
This page also features an alternative napkin ring used with the same orange plate to create a slightly different look.


black place mat
orange cloth napkin
black or alternate napkin ring

China, Stemware, Barware and Flatware
9 inch orange plate

salad fork
dinner fork
table knife
tea spoon

First we placed the black place mat on the table, topped with an orange plate.

We added a folded orange napkin next.

As an alternative to dress-up the table setting, we placed the orange napkin in a black and sliver napkin ring.

We moved the napkin and ring to the center of the plate and added flatware.  Beverage glasses would complete the look.

Above: Close-up shot of the black leather and silver metal napkin ring.

In this vignette we changed the napkin ring to a bolder and more colorful option.

Above: This close-up shot shows the alternate napkin ring which has a unique and irregular painted motif.

Above: Another view of one of the completed orange and black place setting options.

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