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     KQ Tie Dye Napkins DIY Project (single color tutorial)


Above: Plain white cotton napkins have been tie dyed into striking table top accessories.

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4 white cotton napkins

natural fiber dye (for stove top use)
string or rubber bands
plain salt (non-iodized)

large, deep cooking pot
large spoon
large measuring cup

We used white cotton napkins for this project.

Use a natural fiber dye suitable for cotton.  We followed the package directions for using a heat bath on the stove top.

The package directions for the brand of dye we used calls for plain, non-iodized salt to be added to improve color setting.

Fill a large, deep cooking pot 3/4 full of water and place on the stove with the burner set to medium-high.

The dye we used came in powder form, sealed in a meltable coating for a minimum of mess.

Once the water begins to simmer, add the dye packet.

Above: Heat 3-4 cups of water in a glass measuring cup in the microwave.

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When water is hot, but not boiling, add 1 cup of salt.

Whisk the salt into the hot water.  This mixture will be added to the dye bath shortly.

To create the effect on this set of napkins, we tied off two opposite ends with randomly placed rubber bands.
Wet the fabric first with cold water and wring out.  Then add the rubber bands.  Wet fabric absorbs the dye more evenly.
String can be used instead of rubber bands.

Once the water is simmering add the fabric.  Then carefully pour in the salt water mixture.  Stir well.

Stir the dye bath every five minutes.  Our dye manufacturer recommends leaving items in the dye bath for 30 minutes.
Bath should be simmering and hot, but not boiling.  Follow the package directions for the brand of dye you use.

Carefully remove the napkins from the dye bath with tongs.  Fabric will be very hot.  Rinse items under cold water.
When fabric has cooled down remove rubber bands.

Continue to rinse the napkins under cold water.

These are the effects created with this rubber band technique and placement.  Wash the napkins in the washer in cold
water with mild detergent.  Dry on medium heat.  Napkins will likely require ironing.

The finished purple tie dye napkins after being washed, dried and ironed.

If you dislike ironing, use napkin rings instead of trying to fold the napkins flat.

Above: A two color tie dye napkin in orange and fuchsia decorated with a KQ Bling Napkin Ring.  Get directions for
two color tie dye
here, and directions to make KQ Bling Napkin Rings here.

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