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     KQ Tie Dye Napkins #2 DIY Project (two color tutorial)


Above: Plain white cotton napkins have been tie dyed with two bold colors to create unique table top accessories.

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4 white cotton napkins, that have already been dyed
    with one color as per the directions

natural fiber dye (for stove top use)
string or rubber bands
plain salt (non-iodized)

large, deep cooking pot
large spoon
large measuring cup

We began with white cotton napkins we had already dyed with one color.  The fuchsia color was gorgeous, but didn't
cover as much of the fabric as we would have liked because we had tied up the napkin very tightly.  We decided to add
more color.  Single color tie dye directions are 

While the dye bath for the second color was heating, we wet the napkins and tied them up with string as shown.

When the dye bath is simmering, it's time to add the fabric.  Follow the package directions from the manufacturer for the
brand of dye you're using.

We wanted some of the existing fuchsia color not to be over-dyed with the orange, (our second color).  We clipped the
napkins to the side of the pot so the fuchsia corners did not get submerged in the orange dye bath.

Once the dying was complete and the napkins washed and dried, this was one of the results.  The corners remained
fuchsia, we got plenty of orange color, and where the orange overlapped the fuchsia we got deep orange red.

A second batch yielded a slightly different result.  The orange did not cover as much of the fabric so there are more
white areas.  While a pleasing, albeit different result, this is not an uncommon outcome in this type of dying technique.

Above: The orange and fuchsia two color tie dye napkin is decorated with a pink jewel KQ Bling Napkin Ring.
Get directions
to make KQ Bling Napkin Rings here.

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