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S3E2 Tangerine Collins

S3E1 Blue Velvetini

#1 Hors D’oeuvre Video

Kitchen Queers Cast List

Truffle Making Video

Fruit Carving Video

#1 Cocktail Video

No Cilantro Salsa Video


       SEASON 2 • 2016 (24 videos including 23 tutorial episodes and 1 promotional video)

Season 2 Episode 23

Season 2 Episode 22

Season 2 Episode 21

Season 2 Episode 20

Season 2 Episode 19

Season 2 Episode 18

Season 2 Episode 17

Season 2 Episode 16

S2E15 Black Bean Soup

S2E14 Carved Cantaloupe

S2E13 Emerald Cocktail

S2E12 Mini Hasselbacks

S2E11 Aqua Mist Cocktail

S2E10 Melon Smoothie

S2E9 Pink Pride Martini

S2E8 Rectangle Calzone

S2E7 Basil Cheese Twists

S2E6 Long Island Ice Tea

S2E5 Fiesta Cocktail

S2E4 Peanut Truffles

S2E3 Cheesy Onion Bites

S2E2 Hurricane Cocktail

S2E1 Red Velvetini

Season 2 Promo

       SEASON 1 • 2015 (12 videos including 11 tutorial episodes and 1 promotional video)

S1E11 Winter Garland

S1E10 Ecstasy Cocktail

S1E9 Bacon Pie

S1E8 Chocolate Bark

S1E7 Pink Diamond

S1E6 Hummus/Pita Chips

S1E5 Sloe Gin Fizz

S1E4 Sausage Balls

S1E3 Salsa (No Cilantro)

S1E2 Pineapple Cooler

S1E1 Blue Tequini

Season 1 Promo


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