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     KQ online video cast list - Season 1, 2 and 3



Jesús U. BettaWork

Popular Bay Area comedian Jesús U. BettaWork joins Kitchen Queers for Season 2.
A regular on the comedy club and open mic circuit from San Francisco to Oakland
to Santa Cruz, Jesús brings his special brand of sparkle everywhere he goes.

Jesús appears in KQ Season 2, Episode 2, "Hurricane Cocktail"; Season 2, Episode 5,
"Fiesta Cocktail"; and the Season 2 Promo Episode.

Learn more about Jesús here:



Michael Sereno

Patron of the arts and devoted SF Giants baseball fan Michael Sereno returns
to Kitchen Queers for Season 3.  Experienced in high-end retail and advertising,
Michael has a refined taste well suited for reviewing food and beverage creations.

Michael appears in KQ Season 2, Episode 6, "Retro Long Island Ice Tea";

S2E13, "Emerald Cocktail"; S2E18, "No Bake Cheesecake"; Season 2 Promo Episode.

Michael also appears in Season 3, Episode 3, "Pink Margarita".


PARTNER: Chef Philip

Philip Buchan

Highly skilled chef and avid baker Philip Buchan is a KQ partner and has developed
many of the recipes featured on the KQ web site.  Philip is best known for his
eye-appealing and flavorful cupcake creations using all natural ingredients.

Philip appears in KQ Season 1, Episodes 1-4, 6-11 and the S1 Promo Episode.
Plus, Season 2, Episodes 1-9, 11-13 and 15-23; plus the Season 2 Promo Episode.
As well as Season 3, Episodes 1,2 and 4.




San Francisco based model Austin, was the first ever guest taste tester on the
Kitchen Queers web series during KQ Season 1.  Austin also models many of the
colorful KQ rainbow logo products in the KQ
Lifestyle section.

Austin appears in KQ Season 1, Episode 3, "Green Chile and Tomato Salsa";
and Season 1, Episode 5, "Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail", plus the S1 Promo Episode.



Mitch Hightower

Artist and entrepreneur Mitch Hightower is the founder of the Kitchen Queers brand.
Mitch combines his expertise in video production and design with his restaurant
and bar experience to bring you the most festive food and beverage show online.

Mitch appears in every episode of KQ during Season 1, 2 and 3.


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